XLPlugins & FunnelKit

XLPlugins develops WooCommerce plugins focused on new customer acquisition and customer conversion. You can download Finale, NextMove and Sales Triggers plugins from our depot to improve your sales. FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) is a new range of products like Funnel Builder Pro by XL Plugins team focussed around bring Sales Funnel revolution in WordPress/WooCommerce.

For more information about plugins, you can visit the plugin pages, read their documentation and watch related videos.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Finale Pro - WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin2.20.1 Download14/01/2024Plugin Page
Finale WooCommerce Deal Pages1.4.1 Download04/11/2018Plugin Page
FunnelKit Automations Pro3.0.1 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
FunnelKit Automations Connectors2.8.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
FunnelKit Funnel Builder Pro3.3.1 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
NextMove Pro - WooCommerce Thank You Page1.17.1 Download20/03/2023Plugin Page
NextMove Pro - Power Pack Addon1.2.0 Download05/01/2019Plugin Page
WooFunnels A/B Experiments1.7.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
WooFunnels Aero Checkout3.14.1 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
WooFunnels Aero Checkout Embed Forms1.5.2 Download01/08/2019Plugin Page
WooFunnels CartHopper1.1.0 Download12/04/2022Plugin Page
WooFunnels Order Bumps1.21.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke3.10.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke PowerPack1.9.3 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke - Dynamic Shipping Addon1.6.0 Download26/06/2019Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke - Multi Product Offers Addon1.2.0 Download28/06/2018Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke - Subscriptions Addon1.9.0 Download20/08/2019Plugin Page
WooFunnels UpStroke - WooCommerce Reports Addon1.5.0 Download20/08/2019Plugin Page
XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers2.12.0 Download04/01/2023Plugin Page