Jet Eklentileri

Jet plugins are the bundle of addons for Elementor page builder allowing to create almost everything in few clicks.

To download Elementor Pro and other add-ons, you can browse our Elementor Pro page.

Jet Plugins are fully compatible with OceanWP, Astra and GeneratePress.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
JetAppointment For Elementor1.2.2 Download25/09/2020Plugin Page
JetBlocks For Elementor1.2.6 Download15/11/2020Plugin Page
JetBlog For Elementor2.2.12 Download12/11/2020Plugin Page
JetBooking For Elementor2.1.1 Download25/09/2020Plugin Page
JetCompareWishlist For Elementor1.2.1 Download12/08/2020Plugin Page
JetElements For Elementor2.5.2 Download12/11/2020Plugin Page
JetElements Dynamic Data Addon1.3.1 Download05/08/2020Plugin Page
JetEngine For Elementor2.5.6 Download18/11/2020Plugin Page
JetGuten for Gutenberg1.1.2 Download06/03/2019Plugin Page
JetMenu For Elementor2.0.8 Download18/11/2020Plugin Page
JetParallax For Elementor1.0.6 Download18/03/2019Plugin Page
JetPopup For Elementor1.4.2 Download11/11/2020Plugin Page
JetProductGallery For Elementor1.1.8 Download18/11/2020Plugin Page
JetReviews For Elementor2.0.2 Download21/10/2020Plugin Page
JetSearch For Elementor2.1.9 Download13/11/2020Plugin Page
JetSmartFilters For Elementor2.0.4 Download13/10/2020Plugin Page
JetTabs For Elementor2.1.10 Download15/11/2020Plugin Page
JetThemeCore For Elementor1.2.1 Download27/10/2020Plugin Page
JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit (Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress)1.1.0 Download18/07/2018Plugin Page
JetTricks For Elementor1.3.2 Download12/11/2020Plugin Page
JetWooBuilder For Elementor1.7.2 Download06/11/2020Plugin Page