Gravity Flow

Gravity Flow is a form-based workflow platform for WordPress based on Gravity Forms which allows users to implement complex workflow processes quickly and easily using simple drag and drop configuration. You can download Gravity Flow core plugin and its extensions that offer advanced features for your workflows from this page.

More information about the Gravity Flow plugin can be found on the developer’s website.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Gravity Flow WordPress Plugin2.9.6 Download26/02/2024Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Checklists Extension1.7.0 Download12/01/2024Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Flowchart Extension1.7 Download20/03/2022Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Folders Extension1.8 Download12/05/2022Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Form Connector Extension2.4.0 Download21/02/2024Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Incoming Webhook Extension1.6 Download12/09/2021Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Parent-Child Forms Extension1.5 Download20/03/2022Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - PayPal Extension1.2 Download03/03/2019Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - PDF Generator Extension1.8 Download23/04/2022Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Stripe Extension2.0.0 Download05/11/2023Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - Vacation Requests Extension1.4.0 Download05/02/2024Plugin Page
Gravity Flow - WooCommerce Extension1.7.0 Download27/03/2024Plugin Page