With SearchWP, instantly improve your site search without writing a line of code. Whether it’s WooCommerce products, PDF files, customized content, or code, SearchWP will allow your visitors to find the content that WordPress can’t find.

You can use SearchWP extensions to better meet your needs by customizing the functionality of your search engines.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
SearchWP WordPress Plugin4.3.15 Download04/04/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP bbPress Integration1.3.1 Download18/08/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP BetterDocs Integration1.0.0 Download25/08/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP BigCommerce Integration1.2.0 Download13/07/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Boolean Search1.4.3 Download03/04/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration1.2.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Custom Results Order1.3.7 Download27/03/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Diagnostics1.5.2 Download17/02/2022Plugin Page
SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration1.7.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Dutch Keyword Stemmer1.2.4 Download30/06/2017Plugin Page
SearchWP EDD Integration1.1.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Enable Media Replace Integration1.1.3 Download03/04/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Exclude UI1.2.3 Download27/03/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Flatsome Integration1.0.4 Download27/10/2023Plugin Page
SearchWP Fuzzy Matches1.4.4 Download16/05/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP German Keyword Stemmer1.0.2 Download13/04/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP Give Integration1.1.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Greek Keyword Stemmer1.0.2 Download28/02/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP HeroThemes Integration1.2.0 Download20/05/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP LIKE Terms2.4.6 Download14/02/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP Live Ajax Search1.8.2 Download24/04/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Manage Ignored1.0.0 Download25/05/2017Plugin Page
SearchWP Meta Box Integration1.1.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Metrics1.4.4 Download27/03/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP MyListing Integration1.1.0 Download17/02/2021Plugin Page
SearchWP Polylang Integration1.3.9 Download28/03/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP PrivateContent Integration1.3.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP Redirects1.4.2 Download17/02/2022Plugin Page
SearchWP Related1.5.1 Download18/01/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Shortcodes1.8.4 Download27/10/2023Plugin Page
SearchWP Source - Gravity Forms0.0.3 Download03/04/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP Swedish Keyword Stemmer2.0.2 Download10/03/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP Term Archive Priority1.2.2 Download23/02/2021Plugin Page
SearchWP Term Highlight2.1.14 Download07/08/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP Term Synonyms2.4.14 Download11/09/2018Plugin Page
SearchWP WooCommerce Integration1.3.12 Download27/03/2024Plugin Page
SearchWP WooCommerce Product Table Integration1.0.4 Download22/03/2021Plugin Page
SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration1.1.0 Download04/03/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration1.6.1 Download04/05/2020Plugin Page
SearchWP WPML Integration1.6.11 Download17/11/2023Plugin Page
SearchWP Xpdf Integration1.3.0 Download05/05/2021Plugin Page