Popup Maker

Popup Maker plugin is one of the popup plugins that WordPress offers. It is versatile and flexible. You can use the plugin to create any type of popup, modal or content overlay for your WordPress website.

You can download the free Popup Maker plugin here. You can enhance the features of the Popup Maker plugin with premium extensions that you can download from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Popup Maker - Advanced Targeting Conditions1.4.6 Download20/08/2019Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Advanced Theme Builder1.2.0 Download15/09/2020Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Age Verification Modals1.2.4 Download01/09/2017Plugin Page
Popup Maker - AJAX Login Modals1.2.2 Download13/06/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Aweber Integration1.0.2 Download23/04/2017Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Exit Intent Popups1.4.0 Download05/12/2019Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Forced Interaction1.0.2 Download03/07/2016Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Leaving Notices1.1.2 Download24/08/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - MailChimp Integration1.3.5 Download28/05/2020Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Popup Analytics1.1.13 Download08/07/2021Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Remote Content1.1.4 Download24/08/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Scheduling1.1.1 Download11/06/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Scroll Triggered Popups1.3.2 Download24/08/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Secure Idle User Logout1.2.1 Download24/08/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Terms & Conditions Popups1.1.2 Download24/08/2018Plugin Page
Popup Maker - Videos1.1.4 Download20/01/2020Plugin Page