LearnPress Premium

LearnPress plugin which is developed by ThimPress is a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin for WordPress. LearnPress plugin can be used to easily create online courses and sell them online. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface.

You can download the LearnPress plugin and free add-ons from the WordPress repository. You can download the premium add-ons of the LearnPress plugin from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
LearnPress - 2Checkout Payment Addon3.0.1 Download30/05/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Announcements Addon3.0.2 Download20/08/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Assignments Addon3.2.2 Download17/08/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Authorize.Net Payment Addon3.0.1 Download12/02/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Certificates Addon3.2.0 Download11/01/2021Plugin Page
LearnPress - Co-Instructors Addon3.1.0 Download17/01/2021Plugin Page
LearnPress - Collections Addon3.0.3 Download06/03/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Coming Soon Courses Addon3.0.4 Download10/05/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Content Drip Addon3.1.7 Download23/05/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Frontend Editor Addon3.1.0 Download01/07/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Gradebook Addon3.0.10 Download11/11/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Instructor Commission Addon3.0.5 Download11/01/2021Plugin Page
LearnPress - myCRED Integration Addon3.0.3 Download28/12/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Paid Membership Pro Integration Addon3.1.16 Download01/08/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Random Quiz Addon3.1.1 Download30/05/2019Plugin Page
LearnPress - Sorting Choice Question Addon3.0.2 Download08/02/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Stripe Payment Addon3.1.1 Download25/12/2020Plugin Page
LearnPress - Students List Addon3.0.1 Download27/09/2018Plugin Page
LearnPress - WooCommerce Payment Methods Integration Addon3.2.7 Download11/01/2021Plugin Page