MemberPress is an easy-to-use membership plugin for WordPress. With MemberPress, you can build WordPress membership sites, control who can see your content, sell digital downloads, accept credit cards, and do all of these without difficulty.

You can download the MemberPress plugin and the add-ons that come with the plugin here.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
MemberPress Pro WordPress Plugin1.8.12 Download29/06/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Active Campaign Add-On1.1.0 Download24/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Affiliate Royale Add-On1.4.15 Download06/05/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress AWeber Add-On1.1.1 Download24/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Amazon Web Services (AWS) Add-On1.3.5 Download22/04/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Beaver Builder Add-On1.0.4 Download16/06/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress BuddyPress Integration Add-On1.1.6 Download12/06/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Campaign Monitor Add-On1.0.2 Download11/11/2015Plugin Page
MemberPress Constant Contact Add-On1.1.3 Download11/05/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress ConvertKit Add-On1.2.2 Download24/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Corporate Accounts Add-On1.5.9 Download22/04/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Developer Tools Add-On1.1.36 Download29/06/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Downloads Add-On1.0.7 Download12/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Drip Tags Add-On1.1.2 Download24/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress GetResponse Add-On1.1.2 Download22/04/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Help Scout Add-On1.0.7 Download04/10/2017Plugin Page
MemberPress Importer Add-On1.6.4 Download22/04/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Mad Mimi Add-On1.0.2 Download10/11/2015Plugin Page
MemberPress MailChimp Add-On1.2.2 Download17/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress MailPoet Add-On1.2.0 Download18/12/2019Plugin Page
MemberPress Mailrelay Add-On1.0.5 Download09/11/2016Plugin Page
MemberPress Mailster Add-On1.1.1 Download24/03/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Math CAPTCHA Add-On1.1.7 Download18/11/2019Plugin Page
MemberPress PDF Invoice Add-On1.0.9 Download09/06/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress Sendy Add-On1.0.5 Download13/09/2016Plugin Page
MemberPress Sensei Add-On1.0.2 Download10/11/2015Plugin Page
MemberPress User Roles Add-On1.0.5 Download22/01/2020Plugin Page
MemberPress WooCommerce Add-On1.0.5 Download26/10/2018Plugin Page
MemberPress WP Simple Pay Pro Add-On1.0.3 Download17/10/2018Plugin Page