WP Multi-Lingual (WPML)

The WordPress Multi-Lingual (WPML) plug-in is one of the best choices if you are considering translating your website or publishing in other languages. You can access the comparison of other free and paid add-ons that do similar work with the WPML plug-in here.

WPML is made of a core plugin and add-ons. The core WPML Multilingual CMS is always required. You can install any combination of the add-on plugins for additional functionality.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
WPML Multilingual CMS WordPress Plugin4.4.9 Download20/01/2021Plugin Page
WPML Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual Add-on1.8.1 Download20/02/2021Plugin Page
WPML All Import Add-on2.2.0 Download24/09/2020Plugin Page
WPML CMS Navigation Add-on1.5.5 Download09/09/2020Plugin Page
WPML Contact Form 7 Multilingual Add-on1.0.2 Download24/01/2020Plugin Page
WPML Easy Digital Downloads Multilingual Add-on1.2.2 Download09/09/2016Plugin Page
WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual Add-on1.5.4 Download24/02/2020Plugin Page
WPML MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual Add-on0.0.3 Download20/08/2018Plugin Page
WPML Media Translation Add-on2.6.3 Download20/01/2021Plugin Page
WPML Ninja Forms Multilingual Add-on0.1.2 Download11/03/2020Plugin Page
WPML Sticky Links Add-on1.5.4 Download20/08/2020Plugin Page
WPML String Translation Add-on3.1.7 Download20/01/2021Plugin Page
WPML Translation Management Add-on2.10.5 Download20/01/2021Plugin Page
WPML Yoast SEO Add-on1.3.0 Download02/03/2021Plugin Page
WPML WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter Add-on1.4 Download04/07/2016Plugin Page
WPML WooCommerce Multilingual Add-on4.11.3 Download02/03/2021Plugin Page
WPML WPForms Multilingual Add-on0.1.2 Download11/03/2020Plugin Page