Soliloquy is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create beautiful, fast, mobile-friendly and SEO friendly sliders in minutes.

You can download the Soliloquy slider plugin and Custom CSS addon from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Soliloquy Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin2.6.9 Download17/06/2024Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Carousel Addon2.2.2 Download12/12/2018Plugin Page
Soliloquy - CSS Addon2.2.1 Download01/09/2016Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Defaults Addon2.2.0 Download12/12/2018Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Dynamic Addon2.3.4 Download15/04/2022Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Featured Content Addon2.4.7 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Instagram Addon2.3.5 Download07/08/2020Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Lightbox Addon2.3.6 Download19/04/2022Plugin Page
Soliloquy - PDF Slider Addon1.0.3 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Pinterest Addon2.2.0 Download28/05/2016Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Protection Addon1.1.1 Download12/12/2018Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Schedule Addon2.3.2 Download08/12/2016Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Slider Themes Addon2.2.2 Download15/04/2022Plugin Page
Soliloquy - Thumbnails Addon2.3.6 Download15/04/2022Plugin Page
Soliloquy - WooCommerce Addon1.1.7 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page