Barn2 Media

Barn2 Media is one of the leading WordPress companies in the UK, developing professional plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. They develop plugins that meet different requests, from a plugin listing your products in a searchable, filterable table, to a plugin that you can hide your categories or show them to the people you want.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Password Protected Categories1.4.3 Download09/06/2020Plugin Page
Posts Table Pro2.3.1 Download18/11/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Bulk Variations1.0.8 Download09/11/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Default Quantity1.1.2 Download22/05/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Lead Time1.4.1 Download01/10/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients1.0.1 Download21/09/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Private Store1.6.3 Download01/05/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Product Table2.8 Download30/11/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Protected Categories2.4.1 Download01/05/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Quick View Pro1.5.1 Download17/11/2020Plugin Page
WooCommerce Wholesale Pro1.4.1 Download18/11/2020Plugin Page