EventON is one of the best-selling event calendar plugin for WordPress with a minimal user friendly design & packed with powerful features. From this page you can download the EventON core plugin and extend the features of your calendar with a series of addons.

If necessary, to activate EventON plugin and addons, use any key on license activation form and click Activate.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin4.3.4 Download16/02/2023Plugin Page
EventOn Action User2.3.1 Download31/03/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Action User Plus1.1.3 Download03/11/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Advent Calendar2.0 Download30/11/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Bookings1.3.2 Download25/01/2022Plugin Page
EventOn CSV Event Importer1.1.9 Download09/03/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Daily View2.0.5 Download01/06/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Dynamic Pricing0.6 Download28/08/2020Plugin Page
EventOn Event API1.0.6 Download16/11/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Event Countdown1.1 Download23/01/2023Plugin Page
EventOn Event Lists: Ext0.22 Download03/12/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Event Photos1.0.4 Download03/09/2020Plugin Page
EventOn Event Reviewer1.1 Download16/03/2023Plugin Page
EventOn Event Slider2.0.5 Download03/12/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Event Tickets2.1 Download30/03/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Events Map1.4.8 Download14/07/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Full Cal2.0.4 Download27/09/2022Plugin Page
EventOn ICS Importer1.1.4 Download22/10/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Include Anything0.3 Download15/03/2022Plugin Page
EventOn QR Code2.0 Download04/01/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Reminders0.5 Download21/03/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Repeat Customizer1.0.3 Download15/03/2023Plugin Page
EventOn RSS Feed1.1.3 Download04/11/2021Plugin Page
EventOn RSVP Events2.9.1 Download17/03/2023Plugin Page
EventOn RSVP Events Waitlist1.1 Download06/02/2023Plugin Page
EventOn Seats1.1.1 Download25/10/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Slider Addon3.0.1 Download28/10/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Speakers & Schedule2.0.1 Download10/02/2023Plugin Page
EventOn Subscriber1.3.8 Download12/01/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Sync Events1.2.3 Download20/12/2018Plugin Page
EventOn Ticket Variations & Options1.0.4 Download05/07/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Virtual Plus0.1 Download18/02/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Weekly View2.0 Download25/10/2021Plugin Page
EventOn Wishlist1.1.1 Download13/09/2022Plugin Page
EventOn Yearly View0.6 Download28/02/2022Plugin Page