ATUM – Stock Management Labs

ATUM inventory management plugin provides all the necessary tools required for WooCommerce users to be more productive in controlling their inventory. ATUM plugin and addons simplify inventory management across the entire WooCommerce store range. The ATUM plugin is designed for the familiar WordPress interface. From small merchants to large corporations, businesses will find ATUM to be the bread and butter of their day to day operations.

The ATUM plugin is free. You can download ATUM addons from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
ATUM Action Logs Addon1.3.5 Download22/06/2023Plugin Page
ATUM Export Pro Addon1.5.5 Download22/06/2023Plugin Page
ATUM Multi-Inventory Addon1.8.0.1 Download22/06/2023Plugin Page
ATUM Product Levels Addon1.8.7.1 Download22/06/2023Plugin Page
ATUM Purchase Orders Pro Addon1.1.1 Download22/06/2023Plugin Page