Bricks Builder

Bricks is a WordPress theme that helps you quickly create WordPress sites visually. Bricks works within the framework of Vue.js. You can visually design your entire site without the need for coding knowledge. If you know how to code, you can do more and create your own elements as well.

You can find more information about the Bricks Builder on the developer’s website. You can download the plugins developed for Bricks together with the Bricks website builder from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Advanced Themer for Bricks2.6.4 Download06/06/2024Theme Page
Bricks Builder1.9.9 Download17/06/2024Theme Page
Brickscore1.5.3 Download17/05/2024Theme Page
BricksExtras1.5.1 Download26/04/2024Plugin Page
Bricksforge2.2.3 Download06/06/2024Plugin Page
BricksUltimate1.6.8 Download17/05/2024Plugin Page
Max Addons Pro for Bricks1.9.0 Download06/06/2024Plugin Page