GravityView offers one of the simplest and most powerful ways to view the data entered via the Gravity Forms plugin on your website. With GravityView plugin you can display the data you have collected with Gravity Forms plugin.

You can download core GravityView plugin from this page and expand the capabilities of your plugin with extensions.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
GravityView WordPress Plugin2.25 Download18/06/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - A-Z Filters Extension1.4.1 Download18/06/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Advanced Filter Extension4.0.1 Download22/04/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - DataTables Extension3.3.7 Download31/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - DIY Layout Plugin2.4 Download05/01/2023Plugin Page
GravityView - Entry Revisions Plugin1.3.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Featured Entries Extension2.0.9 Download01/12/2022Plugin Page
GravityView - GravityActions1.4.6 Download24/02/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - GravityCharts1.8.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - GravityExport1.4.0 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Gravity Forms Calendar2.7.1 Download13/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Gravity Forms Import Entries Plugin2.4.10 Download02/02/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Inline Edit Plugin2.0.3 Download05/11/2023Plugin Page
GravityView - Maps Plugin3.1.7 Download31/05/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Math Plugin2.4.1 Download02/02/2024Plugin Page
GravityView - Multiple Forms Plugin0.3.8 Download11/12/2023Plugin Page
GravityView - Ratings & Reviews Extension2.2.1 Download15/02/2023Plugin Page
GravityView - Social Sharing & SEO Extension3.3.2 Download17/04/2024Plugin Page