Meta Box

Meta Box helps you add custom fields on your website using over 40 different field types such as text, images, file upload, checkboxes, and more.

Meta Box plugin is free. You can download premium extensions from our repository to extend the features of the core plugin. The Meta Box plugin and its free extensions can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Meta Box All-In-One Plugin1.26.3 Download16/05/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Admin Columns1.7.3 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Blocks1.5.0 Download19/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Builder4.7.3 Download17/05/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Columns1.2.15 Download01/07/2022Plugin Page
Meta Box Conditional Logic1.6.21 Download22/01/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Custom Table2.1.10 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Favorite Posts2.0.8 Download11/01/2023Plugin Page
Meta Box Frontend Submission4.4.3 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Geolocation1.3.5 Download27/06/2023Plugin Page
Meta Box Group1.3.19 Download23/01/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Include Exclude1.0.13 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Revision1.3.7 Download04/02/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Settings Page2.1.12 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Show Hide1.3.0 Download01/03/2019Plugin Page
Meta Box Tabs1.1.17 Download18/09/2023Plugin Page
Meta Box Template1.2.3 Download23/03/2023Plugin Page
Meta Box Term Meta1.2.10 Download29/11/2020Plugin Page
Meta Box Testimonials1.1.0 Download12/05/2021Plugin Page
Meta Box Tooltip1.1.7 Download16/01/2023Plugin Page
Meta Box User Avatar1.0.1 Download24/05/2022Plugin Page
Meta Box User Meta1.2.9 Download06/07/2021Plugin Page
Meta Box User Profile2.5.5 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page
Meta Box Views1.12.6 Download13/04/2024Plugin Page