OceanWP is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme that makes it extremely easy to create beautiful & unique websites with WordPress. You can download and install OceanWP theme from WordPress repository.

You can download paid extensions developed by OceanWP from this page.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
OceanWP Cookie Notice1.0.5 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page
OceanWP Elementor Widgets1.2.6 Download27/01/2021Plugin Page
OceanWP Footer Callout1.1.0 Download01/04/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP Full Screen1.0.7 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page
OceanWP Hooks1.1.3 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page
OceanWP Instagram1.0.5 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page
OceanWP Ocean Extra1.7.2 Download18/02/2021Plugin Page
OceanWP Popup Login1.2.0 Download07/07/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP Portfolio1.2.0 Download01/04/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP Pro Demos1.1.4 Download17/02/2021Plugin Page
OceanWP Side Panel1.1.0 Download01/04/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP Sticky Footer1.1.0 Download01/04/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP Sticky Header1.2.0 Download01/04/2020Plugin Page
OceanWP White Label1.0.6 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page
OceanWP Woo Popup1.0.7 Download19/08/2019Plugin Page