WP Types – Toolset

Toolset plugins developed by OnTheGoSystems are WordPress plugins that let you to add custom types such as posts, maps, forms, and custom fields to your site and display them any way you choose without writing PHP code.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Toolset Access2.9.1 Download15/05/2024Plugin Page
Toolset Advanced Export1.0 Download24/01/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Avada Integration1.5.3 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Blocks1.6.15 Download15/05/2024Plugin Page
Toolset Classifieds Addon0.4 Download07/06/2018Plugin Page
Toolset Cornerstone Integration1.2 Download22/02/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Forms2.6.21 Download15/05/2024Plugin Page
Toolset Forms Commerce1.8.5 Download14/12/2022Plugin Page
Toolset Customizr Integration1.3 Download23/02/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Divi Integration1.7.2 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Framework Installer3.1.17 Download19/01/2022Plugin Page
Toolset Genesis Integration1.9.2 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Layouts2.6.16 Download07/03/2024Plugin Page
Toolset Maps2.1.3 Download22/08/2023Plugin Page
Toolset Module Manager1.8.8 Download04/04/2022Plugin Page
Toolset Starter Theme1.4.2 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Twenty Fifteen Integration1.4 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Twenty Seventeen Integration1.2.1 Download24/05/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Twenty Sixteen Integration1.4.1 Download14/03/2017Plugin Page
Toolset Types WordPress Plugin3.5.2 Download19/12/2023Plugin Page
Toolset Views3.6.15 Download15/05/2024Plugin Page
Toolset WooCommerce Blocks3.1.5 Download16/04/2023Plugin Page