WP Rocket & Other Caching Plugins

Want to make your website go like a rocket? Since website speed is now a ranking factor for Google then you’re going to want the best caching plugins money can be. Fortunately we’ve got you covered!

You’ll find the plugins designed to speed things up whether it’s your site or your server. Please note that the Fastest Cache plugin requires the free version to be installed first.

Note: WP Fastest Cache Premium version works with free version. Please don’t delete free version.

Plugin NameVersionDownloadLast UpdatedInfo
Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) Pro7.1.0 Download17/06/2024Plugin Page
Asset CleanUp Pro - Page Speed Booster1.2.5.1 Download17/06/2024Plugin Page
Comet Cache Pro170220 Download20/02/2017Plugin Page
Disable Bloat for WordPress & WooCommerce Pro3.3.1 Download03/09/2023Plugin Page
FlyingPress - Speed Optimization Plugin4.14.2 Download17/06/2024Plugin Page
Gonzales WordPress Plugin2.3 Download01/03/2021Plugin Page
Lighthouse - WordPress Performance Plugin4.0.4 Download27/02/2024Plugin Page
Perfmatters WordPress Plugin2.3.0 Download24/05/2024Plugin Page
Redis Object Cache Pro1.21.1 Download31/05/2024Plugin Page
Scalability Pro5.60 Download20/06/2024Plugin Page
W3 Total Cache Pro2.7.3 Download20/06/2024Plugin Page
Webcraftic Clearfy - WordPress Optimization Plugin2.2.1 Download04/04/2024Plugin Page
WP Fastest Cache Premium1.7.1 Download12/06/2024Plugin Page
WP Rocket3.16.1.1 Download22/06/2024Plugin Page